Become A Seller

We always look for a different kind of energy. YOURS, for example.

Are you a passionate seller ?

Do you own a massive fan following of a specific niche?

Or have a network so strong that people can’t resist not buying from you?

Or maybe you just want to get started !

Well, you have landed at the right place. With Look Alive, you can start selling in minutes with literally ZERO investment. All you need to do is sell! We’ll take care of the rest. Sounds interesting? Please keep reading.

How It Works

1. Register As Seller

Register yourself as a seller. Fill up basic details and we'll set up the shop for you.


Promote your store. Get the word out, spread it in your circle like forest fire.

make money

You get the commission per sale without investing anything.

Zero Investment | Zero Risk


Getting Started

Who Can Sell On Look Alive ?

Anyone who thinks they have an audience to sell to.

How Do I sell ?

  1. Register yourself as a seller HERE.
  2. We’ll setup the store and products for you.
  3. Start selling and making money.

Do I have to pay any upfront fee?

Absolutely NO. We will never ask for any kind of fee at any point of time.

Do I have to buy & keep stock of products?

NO. You don’t have to do any of that. We keep the stock and take care of shipping as well.

Pricing & Payment

Who decides the price of products?

The product has to be sold on the price decided by Look Alive.

How and when will I get paid?

You can request your payout from your dashboard. The minimum threshold is Rs. 300/-. All payments are made through NEFT transactions (online banking). The payment is made directly to your bank account.

What are the commission rates?

Commission rates varies from product to product. We’ll share the commission rates in your inbox once you sign up.

How do I track sales?

Once your seller application is approved, you can login to your seller dashboard for all kind of stats. You can track your sales, commissions,visitors, request payment etc. from your own dashboard.