Are you a graphic ninja working in pajamas? Look Alive is a platform where your art can pay your bills and make you an overnight sensation in the land of the unicorns. Well, we might be kidding about the latter, but we are damn serious about the former part. All you have to do is think of an amazingly unique idea and create a kickass design. We will do the rest. Absolutely ZERO RISK for you. So go ahead and create, the worst it can do is suck.

Easy as 1..2..3


Think of a clever idea that would catch the attention of the customer.Spend most of your time in this process.Then convert it into kickass graphic.


Now comes the easy part, upload your design on our website. Choose products to put your design on. Write a quirky description. Make sure your design is not violating any copyrights.

3. Make Money

Once your design is approved, you will start receiving monthly royalty for every sale of your product. Don’t forget to promote and share your products to increase sale.

Design & Submission Guidelines

Desired Concepts

While we give complete freedom to artists to go bonkers , there are certain points which we want to be reflected in their final artwork. Look Alive is a very lively brand of merchandise and hence we want to our designs to be


We are open for everything. Whatever you think can woo the customer, bring it on. Though we can help in narrowing down the topics if you are lost.

Humour,wit,action figures,tv-series,movies,political satire,occupations,desi quotes,childhood memories,gaming,geeky,travel,sports,fanatics,social cause,animal love,puns,zodiac sings,smart minimalist designs,quotes etc.

Available Products

  • T-Shirts For Men
    • Round Neck Half Sleeve
    • Round Neck Full Sleeve
    • Raglan Full Sleeve
    • V-Neck Half Sleeve
    • Polo
  • T-Shirts For Women
    • Round Neck Half Sleeve
    • Raglan Full Sleeve
    • Maternity T-Shirt
  • Laptop Sleeves
    • 11 inch
    • 13 inch
    • 14 inch
    • 15 inch
  • Mouse Pads
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Tote Bags
    • With Zipper
    • Without Zipper
  • Coasters
    • Round
    • Square
  • Mobile Covers
    • More Than 240 Models
  • Pillow Covers
  • Sipper Bottles

Accepted File Formats

Adobe Illustrator (.ai)

Adobe Photoshop (.psd)

EPS (.eps)

High Resolution Image Files (.jpg,.png)

PDF (.pdf)


If you work with Corel Draw, sketchbook or any other vector software then you can easily export files in some of the formats mentioned above. If you can’t figure it out then don’t hesitate in reaching out to us.

If your artwork is not digital, please get it scanned, digitised or take a high resolution photograph. Please note that you will have to make it fit for printing. So brush up some of your photoshop skills or call that friend of yours.


Look Alive appreciates and promotes original ideas and designs. Please make sure that the artwork you are sending are original and you own their copyrights. Please refrain from copying bluntly. As a fellow artist we do understand that everyone needs an inspiration for their art, we allow 5% similarity in visuals though we encourage 100% originality.


  • Original concept.
  • Spoofs/Parody of brands, shows, movies etc.
  • Political satire.



  • Copied ideas.
  • Google Images
  • Cliparts
  • Glorifying criminals or convicted offenders.
  • Hate speech against religion, cast,race or creed.
  • Supporting/Opposing any political party, though we appreciate political humour.


In case of any copyright violation, your artwork would be taken down without any advanced notice. You can raise an objection if you think your artwork has been taken down incorrectly, we would love to review it. In case of any legal action by the offended, the artist would be solely responsible.


Our lala will send you the royalty you earned at the end of every month. The minimum payout is Rs. 100/-. You will get your payments through Net Banking, Cheque, Wire Transfer (for international only) or Paytm. We do not payout in cash.